Why working with aged care management consultants should be considered

The baby boomers are aging and will continue to do so for the next 17 years. It has been seen that within the span of 10-12 years, the number of aging adults will continue to increase. With this scenario, coordinating and supporting community social and health service programs for older adults will rise exponentially.

Aged care management consultants offer professional health services including crisis intervention, consultation, care coordination, assessment, and advocacy to older adults. A variety of specialised fields are involved in the training of aged care management consultants, including:

  • Physical therapy
  • Nursing
  • Healthcare-related services
  • Gerontology
  • Occupational therapy
  • Social work

The skill and knowledge of aged care management consultants allow them to guide various clients to get the most excellent resources to support their dignity and independence. They understand the complexities of family dynamics related to taking care of an elderly member. This understanding makes aged care management consultants the best experts in guiding families in resolving conflicts and issues.

With this said, the knowledge domains required from aged care management consultants include:

  • Local community resources
  • Financial
  • Health and Disability
  • Family
  • Advocacy
  • Legal
  • Crisis intervention
  • Housing

These domains ensure collaborative work between aged care management consultants and physicians, lawyers, financial advisors/planners, and more.


Signs that an individual needs help from Aged Care Management Consultants


  • Concerns about possible financial exploitation or abuse
  • Changes in appearance or personality and any signs of forgetfulness
  • Experiencing difficulty in managing medical coordination and follow-up due to multiple medical providers and health issues
  • Needing to take more than four different medications every day
  • An older spouse burdened with daily care for the other spouse
  • Recent emotional loss of a loved one/partner/spouse
  • Mobility issues that hinder him/her from moving around
  • Lack of family members living close by to provide regular assistance and monitoring
  • Family members feeling overwhelmed with caring for an elderly family member
  • Family conflict related to health care and living decisions


Advantages of working with Aged Care Management Consultants


Opting to work with aged care management consults gains multiple advantages, including:

Dignified and personal care

Maximal independence and functioning are promoted with personalised monitoring and planning provided to an aging adult by an aged care management consultant. Working with an aged care consultant provides:

  • Comprehensive assessment of an individual’s life care needs including legal/financial, medical, psycho-social, and home.
  • Develop effective strategies of care intervention to support an individual’s current and future health well-being.
  • A cost-effective service

Aged Care management that costs right and given at the right time

The best way for an older adult to avoid incorrect facility placements, eliminate unnecessary expenses, and reduce the frequency of ER visits is to work with an aged care consultant. Possible risks are reduced or prevented with the proactive personal safety and home evaluation provided by the consultant.

Enhanced coordination

Enhanced care and outcomes happen when an aged care consultant coordinates communication between providers and family members. Interventions that are only provided after a crisis may be too late as opposed to early health assessment and monitoring. Working with an aged care management consultant is the best ounce of prevention care for any elderly member of the family.

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